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Saturday, 21 May 2011

Birthday Eve


It's my birthday eve today and I went to Knit Club at The Wool Sanctuary this morning. It was good fun as usual and I got chatting to the girls either side of me about their blogs. It reminded me that I set this up ages ago and have been rubbish at doing anything with it, so and my final day of being thirty-two seems as good a time as any to resolve to get on with it.

So why have a blog? I'm not entirely sure what the motivation is and I am ever so slightly concerned that it might be a little narcissistic (sp?) to think that anyone will want to read my ramblings. However lots of lovely folks seem to do it so it can't be too bad... I love words and language but don't get many opportunities to write so it will be good to have an outlet for that anyway.

I've been having a lovely birthday weekend so far. I got home on Friday night to find that Mr D had arranged for some of my lovely friends to come and stay. Loopy Lou and I had a session of nail varnish application; she has come on a long way on the make-up front since our uni days when I once witnessed her applying eyeshadow with vertical strokes! After a couple of glasses of fizzy, we walked down to my favourite restaurant, Oak and Glass - wonderful food and wine and friendly service as usual. If you ever go there a trip to their beautiful toilet is essential, lots of gorgeous original Victorian features! I recommended a visit to Dave; when I told him to expect something special, the middle-aged lady he walked in on was not quite what I had in mind! It took him a while to recover. It was a lovely evening of cackling laughter and talk of old times.

Today after Knit Club where everyone was very kind about my carrot cupcakes, I finally got to Dr Fox's Tearooms on Knightstone Island. I have been meaning to go there since it opened in April and I am happy to say I wasn't disappointed. The owner has done a fantastic job of the restoration and the menu and setting are both wonderful.

This evening Mr D is cooking his favourite Thai chicken curry so there are lovely smells floating in from the kitchen as I write this. Loopy is about to walk in with some snacks and drinks, what more could a girl ask for...?!


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  1. Hello!

    I didn't sample your carrot cakes as I'm on a BORING diet, but they looked divine!

    Yes I too wonder if blogging is all a bit narcissistic but I guess it depends on what you want to get out of it. For me, when I started blogging none of my mates were into crafts of any sort. Since then sarah has taken up knitting again so I have her to play with and then there's my fortnightly sewing group (SWINE) and now Knit Club. But back then I had to one to talk to about my hobbies so I would devour other blogs and felt I should have a blog too so I could play along properly and make buddies along the way. Now I use it as a bit of a diary too and I'm utterly addicted. It's a good way of noticing all that's good in my life and editing out the poop.

    I'd encourage you to give you blog a good go and who cares if it is a bit "Look at me" at times! We all deserve to shine!!

    Those cakes in your banner look amazing, did you make those? I bet they sparkled beautifully.

    Right I'm off to look at those websites you listed...

    ps. if you do continue to blog I'll help you with links if you like.
    pps your afternoon and evening sound so lovely, mine was spent swearing alternately at myself, my needles and my two boys. The baby was the only well behaved person in this house!