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Sunday, 29 July 2012

A crochet tah-dah!

 Do you remember me saying quite a while ago that I just couldn't stop crocheting?  Well here is the end result.  It's a baby blanket for a very dear friend of mine who had her first baby, a little boy, last week

 The squares are just little granny squares with three rounds.  I single-crocheted them together in defiance of the pattern which said double crochet but I thought it looked too bulky.  The border is stolen from here.  The yarn I used is Stylecraft Special DK - I wouldn't normally use acrylic but I wanted it to be easily washable because it is for a baby.  I was pretty impressed by how soft it is actually.
 The spooky thing is that our other friend who we lived with whilst at university, also had her baby, also a boy on the same day!  She was 5.5 weeks early so it was a big surprise.  Quite strange that two of my friends should give birth on the same day but the fact that they know each other too....  Should make it easier for me to remember birthdays though!

I love these little labels, they're so cute, they make me scrunch my face up

So the second one of these blankets is having to be prioritised over all my other myriad projects due to the cheeky impatient baby coming out early!

Of course this post wouldn't be complete without saying thanks to dear Cuckoo for showing me how to make the squares, suggesting the size and recommending the yarn. xx