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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Wedding Anniversary

It was our 4th wedding anniversary last Thursday.  It's amazing to think that so much time has gone by.  Our wedding day was wonderful, I spent many happy hours planning it, looking for bargains and making bits and pieces.  I did all the stationery myself, my sister and I made our tiaras and a friend helped me make sugar roses for the cake.

We had a civil ceremony in a lovely hotel in Clevedon, followed by ceilidh dancing in the evening.

So, because our anniversary was on a Thursday and we were working on Friday we just had a quiet meal at home on the actual day, followed by a meal at an Italian restaurant on Saturday night.

I set the table with the place name tables from our wedding and made braised lamb shanks with crushed herb potatoes (potatoes and thyme grown from scratch of course!), followed by home-made strawberry ice-cream with rosewater biscuits:

 As the evening went on we did get a bit silly with the letter biscuits:

 Should have predicted that really!  It was a lovely evening with lots of happy memories of our special day and of our marriage so far.  We're so lucky to be happily married and it's always good to take time to remember that.


  1. Happy Anniversary!
    Your wedding photos are lovely. we had a ceilidh at our wedding - it was brilliant, and everyone got up and danced whatever their age!
    Jo x

  2. Happy Anniversary, what a lovely evening you had and I did have a giggle at your antics with the biscuits. Your wedding looked lovely, may you have fun together into your creaky old age :)
    x Sandi

  3. Those biscuits!! Penis!!!!! Oh my!!!!!