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Sunday, 26 June 2011

(Big) Bit fed up....

Well its been a beautiful warm sunny day here in WSM.  And what have we been doing?  Going to the beach? Noooo! Having a barbeque with friends or family?  Noooo! Sitting at Dr Fox's drinking one of their new milkshakes? Nooooo!  Scraping up rubble from under the floor and making our house look worse not better.  Yay! 
Glamorous or what?!

Assorted items found under the floor - note the pieces of broken mirror, could explain a lot.

I am so bored of renovating this house now and I despair of it ever being finished.  Mr D had to go out to a band practice at 4:30 so couldn't put the laminate floor back down and we are busy over the next few weekends so I am stuck with my kitchen looking like this for ages. 

When he'd gone out I had a bit of a despairing cry but then I forced myself to at least get something out of the day so I sat in the sunshine with a G&T for a while which did cheer me up a bit, at least the garden looks nice, even if the house is rubbish. 


  1. Will it be worth it in the end? Yes! But you don't really appreciate it on a day like today. Love the pictures in the side bar - is the front soor yours?

  2. Oh dear, I do hope the sun and the G&T helped, I always find a few tears always helps. I read another blog who are also doing up their house and she can be found feeling like that too.
    The end result will be fantastic!!
    x Sandi

  3. You must read Little Tin Bird's blog. She has the same woes as you.

    I'm living proof that renovations do come to an end eventually and that it really is all worth it. I have a draft renovations post waiting for some more photographs to be added. I'm searching for the one of me 8 months pregnant trying to iron in our bedroom/kitchen/living room/ bathroom. Yes it was that bad! Maybe I should give up searching for it in the many muddled files and just hit publish. It may help you feel a little hope.

    Are you going on the 9th?


  4. Hi Helen - hope things are looking a bit better now. I am definately going to knit club and will see you there!
    Jo x