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Thursday, 7 July 2011

My week


Its been over a week since my last post - I've been fairly busy but with nothing very interesting to report, but I thought I'd better show my face, so you didn't think I'd gone off in a sulk since my miserable last post!  Thanks for all your sympathy and encouragement.  I know it will all be worth it one day but that one day seems a long way off sometimes!
It was a lovely day on Friday so after work we had a barbeque, just the two of us:

My first harvest of courgettes this year; some of them wouldn't win any beauty contests though!

 At the weekend we went to visit Mr D's dad and step-mum in Silverton in Devon; we hadn't seen them since before Christmas - naughty.  My sister-in-law is home from her job on a cruise ship so we picked her up on the way down too. I took some flowers from the garden:

We had a lovely lunch - Mr D Snr had made a delicious home-made plum sauce to go with duck breast. For dessert we had Scandinavian Iced Berries  - oh my goodness it was yummy and such an easy recipe!  The hot sauce partially defrosts the frozen berries and the frozen berries cool the hot sauce.  Will definitely be copying that one!  Plus it almost certainly constitutes at least one of your five-a-day.

I have also been knitting some Innocent Smoothie Hats.  We are doing them at Knit Club this week so I thought I'd give the pattern a try in advance - the next thing I knew I had done four!

Mr D is off to Yeovilton Air Day on Saturday with our brother-in-law and I am going to meet him at my sister's for tea afterwards.  Then it's back up here to restore a bit of order (ie a floor!) to the kitchen which will be a relief.

Off to bed now with a cup of hot Ribena - good night! xx


  1. Sounds like a lovely week/end! Your hats look really cute - you're ahead of me! See you tomorrow!
    Jo x

  2. Ah, lots of lovely stuff to look back on.

    Please HELP me with knitting. I'm so frustrated by it I could stab myself in my eye with a needle. Rahhhhhhh. I think those hats are way beyond my ability!

    Must go, Mr C is learning to crochet and I am his Yoda.


  3. I love the little hats. So sweet. Your courgettes have done really well and that salad looks delich. I love Weston. My mum took me for my birthday recently and it poured but we had a lovely day. Not to far from where i live and lovely to feel a bit of sea air. Melanie x