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Friday, 24 February 2012

Charity Shopping

At the end of my road is a Weston Hospicecare charity shop.  I could probably see it from my bedroom window.  I've lived here for 8 years.  I love old things and I love bargains.  Weston Hospice is an excellent cause.  Yet I've only been into the charity shop about three times!  I think it must be one of those things which you never get around to because they're so close at hand - a bit like appreciating your husband or noticing how nice your life is!

Anyway, yesterday on my way back from a super day crocheting with Cuckoo (more on this next time, suffice it to say I am totally obsessed with granny squaring and just cannot stop making them), I decided to carpe the diem and get into the charity shop.  And these are the spoils:

 I am planning to use them as covered vegetable dishes.  How I wish I had a sideboard next to the dining table to put them on.  The pattern is on the inside too.

I put my rings on the plate to show how teeny they are.  Just big enough for a single cupcake.  Can you imagine how sweet that would look?  I suppose it is a sandwich set really.  If only I liked cucumber I could put crusts-off little cucumber sandwiches on them too.

Oh, I am so pleased with my finds....

Hope you are all well, my hook is calling me, must answer.....


1 comment:

  1. Swoon, I love, love, love, love the covered vegetable dishes, they are soooo expensive here, I have one, not so pretty as yours but I love it all the same. Must go look in our local CS and see if I can find a bargin.
    xx Sandi