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Thursday, 1 March 2012

Can't.... stop.... crocheting

This year, three very dear friends of mine (so far, numbers seem to be increasing all the time) are expecting babies.  The problem with being a known crafter is that you feel an obligation to make pretty things for people's new arrivals.  Not that I am complaining as it is satisfying to make things as presents but at the moment I have SO many things I want to make.

Anyway I saw a lovely crochet blanket in Mollie Makes which said it was ideal for beginner crocheters and I thought it could be easily adapted to make baby blankets.  Normally I make everything from fancy luxury yarn but thought that would be a bit silly for baby things - so I took some advice from Cuckoo and bought some Stylecraft online.  VERY impressed with how soft it is, much better than I would associate with acrylic and LOVED the price - £15 including postage for 8 100g balls!

I started in Cuckoo's kitchen last Thursday - and since then I haven't been able to stop.  I've even crochet before leaving the house to go to work - and I leave at 6:45am!  I think I have gone crochet bonkers!  I'm so happy with the colours I've chosen and I just want to make loads more granny square blankets for myself and everyone I know!  I've done 40 so far - here they are:

The week before I made a little patchwork roll to keep my hooks in - don't look to closely as it was my first attempt at patchwork!

Got to go - the hook is calling me!


  1. They look fab! Liked your charity shop china as well!
    Jo x

  2. Those granny squares are gorgeous- your lucky friends are going to love them! Much as I want to learn crocheting, it does scare me that I might become obsessed with it- you aren't helping with that concern either!
    Very impressed with your hook roll too- there is no end to your creativity at the moment!

  3. Gosh you've done loads! They look so good. Carry on carry on. Soon you'll hit the "I'll never get this finished" wall and you need to just sail on past it!


  4. hello
    they looks fantastic!!
    happy eastern to you!
    greetings from germany,

  5. Lovely squares! Keep going! Just found your blog through Cuckoo's and have had a quick butchers at some of your old posts. (I'm not a stalker, honestly.) We have two things in common, the Lupins, I can't grow the blighters either and The Mitfords, I'm fascinated by them too!
    I shall be your newest follower!

  6. Hi Helen, when is your hook going to give you some time off so you can come on here and tell us some good things about what you have been up to. :)
    xx Sandi